About Us

Peter McNeal

Peter attended the Gemological Institute of America, receiving his GIA Graduate Gemologist and GIA Graduate Jeweler degrees in 1988. His passion for gems led him to work for world-renowned cutter, Hans Dieter Haag (Idar Oberstein, Germany). He soon realized that working with fine gems and important diamonds was his career objective. Accepting a position as Gemologist with vintage jewelry legend Irving Zimmelman of Zimmelman & Sons Inc., Peter fulfilled his vocation - working with the world's most magnificent jewels. Soon he was handling the buying and selling of rare gems including: Kashmir sapphires, Burmese rubies, Muzo emeralds, jadeite and important diamonds.

Invited to be a partner in the purchase of estate jewelry, Peter not only used his training as a Jeweler/Gemologist, he also became an investor in these extraordinary jewels. In 1997, the iconic Rodeo Drive jewelry store, Francis Klein Classic Jewels, was acquired by Zimmelman & Sons Inc. and Peter was ensconced as the Buyer and Director for the firm. Seeking out the finest in vintage jewels from the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco periods was Peter's quest. Welcoming clients and working with them to select some of the most important purchases they will make in their lifetime was Peter's focus. To this end he diligently pursued the finest jewels from sources around the globe.

Upon the closure of the Frances Klein retail location, Peter seized the opportunity to return to the more private and personal “upstairs salon” environment and, together with Jonas Grunberg, established McNeal & Grunberg. Working with renowned jeweler/designer Jonas Grunberg, they collaborated to create a comfortable surrounding in which to welcome their clients. Still seeking out the finest gems and jewels, McNeal & Grunberg presents you with exceptional beauty and value with their superb inventory.



Jonas Grunberg

Exhibiting a strong artistic talent, Jonas came to the jewelry business with an exceptional eye for beauty and an innate ability to translate that into breathtaking jeweled creations. Beginning his career in the family jewelry business, Jonas attended the Gemological Institute of America receiving the GIA Graduate Gemologist diploma. Absorbing knowledge from all aspects of the business, Jonas specialized in Fine Watches, Estate Jewelry and Customized Jewelry Design. Relishing the challenge of creating a customer's dream jewel with just the right gems and the perfect style, Jonas quickly attracted a loyal following of discerning clients.  

When Frances Klein came under new ownership, Jonas and his family created their own boutique under the Frances Klein umbrella. A strong bond developed between the Frances Klein "family" and the Grunberg family. When the time came to form a new jewelry endeavor, Jonas joined forces with his longtime colleague and friend Peter McNeal to form McNeal & Grunberg. The collaboration between them has blended into a unique and remarkable jewelry establishment.